Life Saver Pool Fence New York has been in business for more than 2 decades. Over the years, we have developed an expertise in swimming pool safety. That is why today, we offer a wider variety of swimming pool safety products for sale and installation than anyone else in the New York market.

Removable Mesh Pool Fence

Swimming pool safety is not something to take lightly. We understand that homeowners have different needs and budgets and for those reasons we have more than one brand of removable mesh pool fence. We install the industry leading Life Saver Pool Fence with the strongest solid poles that are virtually unbreakable. We also install the competitive Pool Corral Pool Fence which has aluminum reinforced poles X poles. Visit our swimming pool fence page to learn more about our removable mesh pool fence.

DIY Pool Fencing

Some people prefer to do the job themselves and we totally understand. That is why Life Saver Pool Fence New York offers DIY pool fencing for sale. Shipped directly to your home, the DIY removable mesh pool fence comes with all necessary hardware and instructions. The peg-pole fence requires no special tools to install and can be installed on most deck surfaces.

When you buy the DIY pool fence from us you also receive our knowledge of installing this mesh fence yourself. We want our customers to be happy no matter which removable mesh fence meets your budget. Every job is different depending on the surface that removable mesh pool fence is going into. We are available to answer your questions and help you do the right DIY pool fencing installation.

Pool Safety Covers

Life Saver New York installs top quality pool safety covers in order to provide home owners with peace of mind in the off-season. In addition to protecting your family and pets from falling into the pool, pool safety covers block the sun’s UV rays as well as leaves and debris from getting in. This means an easier start-up process in the spring and reduces the need to pump out dirty stagnant leaves from the swimming pool.

Pool Fence Gates

Pool fence gates are regarded as the most important part of a pool fence. Often the centerpiece of the fence, it is also the only component that will be used over and over again on a daily basis. Life Saver Pool Fence gates are both the strongest in the industry as well as the most attractive. Our two models provide homeowners with the choice based on taste and backyard decor. Visit our pool gate page to learn more about our pool fence gates.

Pool Alarms

Pool alarms are another layer of protection for pool safety. They notify homeowners when something has fallen into the water and are true life savers. Life Saver Pool Fence New York offers several different models of pool alarms, including the Safety Turtle pool alarm.

Omni Hanger

Life Saver Pool Fence Systems’ Omni Hanger is the first of its kind. It fits on almost all removable mesh pool fence poles and allows home owners to hang towels, bathing suits and much more. It’s sleek and sturdy design have been tested and now provide a place to hang things instead of on the mesh of the pool fence. Visit out Omni Hanger page to learn more.

Call us today at 516-766-5336 to know more about our pool safety products.