Homeowners with pools in New York need to think in terms of layers of protection not only during swimming season but all year round. That is why in addition to your pool fence, installing a pool cover is equally important. Together, a fence and pool safety cover can help make your backyard safer for your children, grandchildren, and even pets from accidental drowning.  Life Saver Pool Fence of New York can help you implement all the layers of protection you need with these pool barriers for your swimming pool.

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Why You Need a Pool Cover for Your New York Pool

swimming pool cover for above ground or inground pool Long Island, NYSome homeowners may believe that using a solar pool cover during the summer months or a winter pool cover is enough to protect their child from drowning if that child were to try to access the pool without adult supervision. Unfortunately, this is not true, and these types of pool covers can actually pose more danger to young children, especially to toddlers.

The American Society for Testing and Materials standard requires that a pool cover be capable of holding a minimum of 485 pounds per five square feet in order to qualify as a safety cover.  Additionally, the ASTM F1346 states that a pool safety cover must demonstrate that any opening is small to prevent the test object being passed through. The cover needs to also pass the Surface Drainage Test which safeguards against a large and dangerous amount of water collecting on the surface of the cover which can also pose a threat to a young child since drownings are possible even in a few inches of water.

The pool covers Life Saver Pool Fence of New York offers pass all of these requirements, and are the safest pool covers available in the industry.

As a homeowner with a pool on Long Island, safety must always be your top priority, especially if you have children in your home. It does not matter if you are in the Hamptons or in Nassau or Suffolk County areas, children, even neighborhood children, are at risk if you do not cover your pool, and so are animals like Dogs. If you have already installed a pool safety fence or pool alarm to prevent accidental drownings, now is a great time to add a pool safety cover to your pool in order to make your home even safer for your family. If not now, then toward the end of the Season. Inspect your cover and look for wear and tear if you have one; or, look foir small holes or rips that sometimes animals can cause during storage. Budget accordingly and plan when you will install your cover.

Types of Pool Covers

Pool safety covers come in either mesh or solid versions. Both types get anchored to the deck or ground with straps that cause the cover to be pulled taut over the pool in order to sustain the minimum amount of weight required by the ASTM. These straps are attached to springs and anchored to recessed brackets. Deck anchors are then installed into a variety of material including concrete, brick, asphalt, earth, and wood.

Mesh Pool Safety Covers

Mesh pool safety covers are intended for long-term use, like during the winter months when you are closing the pool for the season. This type of cover requires little to no maintenance since any debris that falls on them simply blows off and rain and snow drain through the mesh. One drawback to this type of cover, however, is that dirt and other debris easily gets through the webbing. Still, many homeowners decide to go with this type of pool cover since water cannot accumulate on the surface of the cover, which is ideal if you have children in your home, eliminating the risk of toddlers or pets being able to come in contact with shallow water. A mesh pool cover is also lighter than a solid cover and is easier to put on or take off the pool.

Solid Pool Safety Covers

Solid pool covers may not be best for homeowners who live in areas that receive heavy rain or snowfall. Unlike mesh covers that allow water to drain through the cover, water can easily accumulate on a solid cover, creating a puddle of water. This may cause the cover to sag and can pose a safety issue for families with small children or pets who, if unsupervised, can wander onto the pool cover, especially if you choose to take your pool fence down in the winter months. To deal with this issue, manufacturers commonly incorporate mesh drain panels into solid covers to allow excess water to drain off, or they will require an automatic cover pumps to remove the excess water from the cover as soon as it is detected. This type of pool cover does require a level of ongoing maintenance to ensure water does not accumulate.

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