For over 30 years, Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. has been in the business of protecting swimming pools by offering the strongest and safest pool safety fencing and with every installation, you will receive professional installation services and a lifetime limited warranty for the pool fence.

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How safe is a Life Saver mesh pool fencing?

Life Saver has been manufacturing and installing pool fences for over 30 years. Our pool fences are made with the strongest industrial mesh available, patented pool fence poles which is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Can my child climb over the pool fence?

One of the best aspects of a mesh pool fence is that the fabric is extremely climb-resistant. Small children will not be able to get a foothold as they could with chain link or wrought iron fencing.

What is the cost of a pool safety fence?

The cost of your pool fence will vary depending on whether or not you choose to upgrade your fence. We will discuss the cost of your pool fence during you free pool fence estimate.

How long will my fence, net, or cover last?

All of our pool fence products are made from the highest-quality materials and is very strong and durable. They are weather resistant, even in cold New York winters.

How high should my pool safety fence be?

In New York State, all residential swimming pools must be protected with pool fences that completely surrounds your swimming pool. This fence must be at least 4 feet (48 inches) tall, and the space between the ground and the bottom of the fence should not go beyond 2 inches.

Why should I install a self-closing, self-locking gate?

In addition to the fact that self-closing, self-latching gates are automatic and provide better protection for your pool fence, they are also required in the State of New York. Pool fence requirements state that the fence must have a pool gate that is self-closing and self-latching with a latch handle that is at least 40 inches above grade and must open outward.

How sturdy is the fence? If my child pulls or pushes it, will it fall easily?

Our pool fences are very sturdy and strong. Not only do we use the strongest industrial mesh currently available in the market, but the poles used in our installations are triple-reinforced for a more solid installation. Third-party testing has shown that they are by far the strongest removable pool fence poles in the industry.

Can I have the fence installed around a pool that has grass, sand, or dirt?

Yes, we can install pool fences into nearly any type of surface including grass, sand, cement, dirt, and more.

Do you offer a warranty on the fence?

Yes, we provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our fences and gates.

Where are your fences built?

All Life Saver pool fences are built in the United States and designed to exceed the highest construction and safety standards.

What can I expect on the day of installation?

When you call to schedule your free estimate, we will come out to your home and measure your pool to determine the best configuration for your new pool fence in order to best prevent access to the pool. In some cases, we are able to do this over the phone or virtually using Google Maps.

What options are available with your pool fence?

Our pool fence is offered in a variety of styles and colors that can be adjusted to match your personal taste and budget. However, we only sell one grade fence, which is the safest pool fence around.

Is the fence easy to take down once it’s installed? We only need it up sometimes.

Yes! Our pool fence system is very simple to remove and store. You can see just how easy it is to take down here (skip to 00:56!).

Which pool cover is right for me?

We offer both mesh and solid pool safety covers, to learn more about which one might be best for you, visit our pool cover product page.

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