Accidental drowning is a leading cause of death for children under five. Most cases of home pool drowning and near-drowning occur while parents are around the house or the pool area. It just takes a moment of distraction for a toddler to reach the pool area and this small mistake can lead to devastating events for a family. This reinforces the importance of complete pool safety in homes.

Pool fencing can cut off all access to the pool area for toddlers, kids and pets. It can help prevent drowning accidents and offer you more peace of mind. Life Saver Pool Fence New York is a fully licensed and insured business and authorized dealership of Life Saver Systems Inc. With us you get the best pool fencing and installation with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Our Business; Our Motto

At Life Saver Pool Fence New York we run our business with the motto of ensuring pool safety across homes in New York, Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk counties. Steven Berger and Joseph Martino Jr. are the owners of Life Saver New York and have been in the business for over 30 years. They are experts on pool safety and drowning prevention and regularly speak at conferences and seminars on pool safety. They raise awareness for homeowners, parents and caretakers of the need and importance of layers of protection in and around the swimming pool and how accidental drowning can be easily prevented with effective safety measures.

Other than managing a well-known Life Saver dealership Steven and Joe are also certified to train other distributors across the country and help them set up their Life Saver dealership. Steven Berger is not only one of the owners of the largest dealership in the country, but he is also part of the executive team at the national Life Saver Pool Fence Company. Now when you choose Life Saver New York you’re not only dealing with a local dealership, you are also dealing direct with the national corporation.

Steve, Joe and their skilled crews are experts in installing removable pool fencing from Life Saver into all types of home swimming pool surfaces.

The Right Pool Fencing and Perfect Installation

Pool fencing from Life Saver is made from the strongest mesh available today. Our pool fences can withstand extreme weather conditions and last a lifetime. All the components that go into a Life Saver pool fence installation is of the highest quality.

Having the best pool fencing is great, but providing the best installations is the key to having a safe and great looking pool area. Life Saver Pool Fence New York prides itself on delivering extremely solid, great looking pool fencing installations. Our passion, to be the best in our market means that we don’t overlook a detail or leave a job until the customer is completely satisfied. We believe most of our business comes from referrals. So we make sure every pool fence is perfect and looks great for years to come.

Life Saver Pool Fence New York

Contact us for free consultations and for any information about our pool fences and installation. Life Saver Pool Fence New York is the company for you if you want impeccable installation and quality service for your pool fencing requirements. Without flawless installation even the strongest pool fence is useless in providing adequate protection to your family. At Life Saver New York, we take care of the pool fencing installation in a way that guarantees the complete safety for your family. With our impeccable installation and strong fence your kids and pets can’t access the pool area without adult supervision.

Contact us today at 516.766.5336 to know about our pool fencing and all the information about our installation process.