One of the predominant causes for the death of children under the age of five in the US is reported to be drowning. Statistics reveal that children under the age of two form the highest numbers in these accidents. It takes about 30 seconds for children to drown, and what is worse is that children can make virtually no sounds or noises when drowning that would alert someone. There have also been other situations that are not featured in these statistics, where children have been involved in pool accidents, which although not fatal, have resulted in grave injuries. We couldn't lay more emphasis on pool safety; it not only demands for homeowners to look up measures regarding pool safety for toddlers, pets and the whole family.

Recommendations for Pool Safety

The path to pool safety is through layers of protection. All authority figures and organizations, including the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommend 4 layers of protection, in addition to supervision.

Keeping an eye out for such occurrences all the time, is clearly not the most pragmatic or workable solution for pool safety. While adult supervision is primordial, it can never be depended on as the only layer of protection because of how often it fails. It is because parents may be preoccupied with household chores or may receive a phone call or text, and may have to look away for a minute, causing children and pets to become vulnerable to accidents. Here are some things that homeowners can do to prevent injuries or worse:

Installation of a pool safety fence

A professional installation of a high quality fence is the most important first step for any homeowner with a swimming pool. It blocks all access to the pool and essentially prevents any accidents. It should be high quality to ensure its proper functioning for years to come.

Pool Alarms

There are many different models that are triggered in various ways. Pool alarms are meant to sound off whenever something has fallen into the water. The pool alarm can be considered the last line of defense because it sounds after an accident has happened.

Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers are typically installed when the pool will be out of use for an extended period. While it also prevents all access to the water of the swimming pool, it is less practical than a pool fence when the pool is in season.

Infant and Child Swim Instruction

While the previous devices prevent accidents or sound the alarm when one occurs, swimming instruction can minimize the risk of accidents. Infant survival swimming as well as teaching toddlers and young children to swim can turn a fall in the pool from disastrous to simply drenching and heart-racing.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

All pool safety advocates recommend that there should be at least 1 adult who is certified in first aid and CPR in the household. Ideally, all adults and children older than 12 should be certified in order to be able to perform first aid should anyone have an accident around the pool and home.

Home Pool Rules

Families should develop a list of pool rules that let everyone know what is and isn’t acceptable.

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