Installing a removable mesh pool fence in your Long Island home is the best way to protect your family from the dangers a pool presents to your family. Drowning is the leading killer of children under the age of 5, in fact, Freakonomics reports that an unprotected swimming pool in your yard is more dangerous to a child than a loaded gun.

This is why parents, grandparents, and homeowners across Nassau and Suffolk Counties have installed a removable pool fence in their homes. These fences are the only way to be sure your children are truly safe since 69% of drowning fatalities occur when the parents were on supervision duty for pool activities. Unfortunately, adult supervision is not 100% safe, and drowning can occur in the time it takes to respond to a text message.

Help Prevent Drownings by Installing A Life Saver Removable Mesh Pool Fence

The good news is drowning is entirely preventable, you just need to rely on the right safety measure. By implementing layers of protection instead of a singular protective measure you can guarantee your family’s safety.

The layers of protection you should consider for your home includes:

  • Constant adult supervision when children are in the water
  • Installing a removable mesh pool fence that is at least 4 feet tall around your pool
  • Installing a self-closing, self-latching pool gate with a latch knob at least 6” above the gate
  • Installing alarms on the pool gate, and doors, and windows that lead to the backyard
  • Ensuring all adults know CPR
  • Providing swimming lessons to infants and young children

We also recommend performing a pool safety evaluation of your home and backyard, taking note of how many safety measures you have in place. Click here to download the pool safety evaluation form.

Life Saver removable mesh pool fence


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    Keep the Entire Family Safe from Drowning

    Removable pool safety fences don’t just keep your children safe from drowning, but the entire family. The reality is elderly family members also have a high risk of drowning and in cases where they may be unsteady on their feet or struggle with cognitive issues like dementia both of which may make them a drowning risk.

    Pets also need to be protected from the dangers of a pool and a temporary pool fence can keep them out of the pool and out of danger as well.

    Become a lifesaver for your family today by taking preventative measures to keep them safe.

    The Highest Quality Removable Mesh Pool Fence

    removable pool fenceOur removable mesh safety fencing has proven itself to homeowners and parents time and again for over thirty years to be the safest and most convenient layer of protection you can install in your home. Our fences are made of the highest quality mesh, with a four stitched border that guarantees it will not unravel. The mesh provides an unblocked view of the water making it easy to ensure no one is entering the water unsupervised.

    The patented poles we use feature a thick heavy gauge outer layer, a solid interior layer, and are extremely strong with the ability to stand up to high winds or even being hit directly. Our fences are equipped with a safety snap latch that creates a reliable enclosure. Our self-closing gate comes in either the standard square or arched model and can be equipped with a key lockable latching system.  Every part of our removable fence comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Our temporary mesh pool fences are strong and durable and come in many different colors including black and brown. Both the mesh and poles can be coordinated to match your yard’s decor and aesthetic.

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