In recent years, Manhattan has seen a tremendous rise of private pools, not only in homes but also in several hi-rise buildings which have swimming pools on the rooftop. What could be better than being able to beat the hectic NYC life and relax in your very own pool in a hi-rise building; away from all the hustle!

Sounds great? However, one thing to remember here is that no matter where your pool is, it is imperative for you to install a pool fence around it to ensure the safety of your toddlers, young children, and pets who have access to the same at all times.

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Benefits of A Pool Fence in NYC Rooftops and Manhattan Properties

A pool fence can prove to be quite useful for your rooftop pool especially if you have kids at home who need adult supervision. Here are some of the major benefits of installing a mesh pool fence around your NYC rooftop pool:

  1. Provides Safety - Recent statistics reveal that almost 60 percent of pool mishaps and drowning occur in children below the age of 7 years with almost half of such incidents resulting in fatal injuries. A pool barrier is the best way to safeguard your little ones and prevent them from getting access to the pool without adult supervision.
  2. It is the law – The New York State Department of State Swimming Pool requires every pool owner to ensure that the entire pool area is surrounded by a strong pool fence and must obstruct direct access to the pool. The barrier has to be at least 4 feet or 48 inches high.
  3. Offers peace of mind – A durable and high-quality pool barrier offers complete peace of mind to the homeowner and allows them to rest better as they know that their loved ones are always protected from any pool mishaps, even in their absence. A pool water alarm and pool fence gate alarm provide added security against accidental drowning. 
  4. Customizations – There are an array of options available when it comes to choosing a mesh pool fence Manhattan. Being available in different colors, shapes, designs, and styles, you can choose the pool barrier which not only enhances the pool area's appearance but also matches your lavish rooftop pool design.

Why Choose Life Saver Pool Fence of New York?

Though there are several pool fence installers in Manhattan, Life Saver Pool Fence of New York offers industry-leading solutions which help protect your pool area and safeguard it. Being one of the most reliable companies for pool fences, we have a team of highly trained and expert pool technicians who offer a wide range of customized plans for pool safety. All our pool fence systems can be accessed only by adults and come with a self-closing and self-latching door.

Being backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, our Manhattan pool fence is equipped with a strong mesh. The mesh can be taken down when needed and rolled for compact storage. Moreover, the indestructible mesh is made of high-quality wires and materials which can withstand extreme weather conditions like snow, rain, and heat. Its transparency allows the parent to gain a full view of the pool area at all times and ensure the safety of the children or toddlers swimming or playing in it.

Life Saver Pool Fence is the first choice of several Manhattan homeowners when it comes to installing a pool fence in their home or hi-rise to keep the pool area safe and secure. Armed with in-house installers, we can carry out pool fencing jobs of any style and that too in any given area. All our Manhattan pool fence installers attend various seminars on pool safety and are well-acquainted with the latest installation techniques and product upgrades.

Let’s get you started with a brand new pool fence for your New York City property!

Installing a NY rooftop pool fence is particularly a one-day job and we can have the barriers installed and ready-for-use within a few hours of work. Call us for a free inspection and free estimate today. Call (516) 766-5336 or request your FREE mesh pool fence estimate here.

Our experienced installer will visit your premises to analyze the best pool fencing options for you which not only match your high standards but fit within your budget too! We ensure your children’s safety while you create lasting memories with them!