3 Safety Tips to Prevent Swimming Pool Drowning

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On a report by CBS last April 24, Brandon Rechild safety pool fenceynoso, an 8-year-old boy drowned in a pool at his uncle’s apartment in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA.  He was found face down in the pool, wearing a mask and snorkel while numerous people nearby were having a party, Saturday night.

An off-duty lifeguard was performing CPR trying to help the boy survive when the police arrived. The boy was taken to the hospital but sadly, at 10:30 PM he was pronounced dead. The family was in shocked knowing that the boy knows how to swim and even with many people around, no one has noticed he was drowning. (Source: http://www.cbs8.com/story/31803713/police-investigating-after-8-year-old-boy-drowns-in-mission-valley-swimming-pool/)

Drowning is one of the major reasons for children’s accidental death. A child can drown in the time it takes to answer a phone. Child drowning is a silent death. There are no splashing or sounds to alert someone that a child is struggling. Additionally, there have been reports about kids being involved in pool accidents that resulted in grave injuries. Homeowners should prioritize and improve swimming pool safety.

Here are 3 safety tips that will help prevent child drowning and improve pool safety:

  1. There is no substitute for active adult supervision. It is very important to actively supervise your children whenever they are in and around your swimming pool. This means that your kids, especially if you have infants or toddlers, should be within arm’s reach. If there are several children swimming, designate someone to supervise for a certain amount of time to prevent gaps in supervision. Having someone who knows CPR is also important and will give you peace of mind. It’s a skill that will save anyone’s life.
  2. It is also important to first educate your kids about swimming safety, especially if it’s their first time to swim in the pool. You can enroll your children in swimming classes if you think they are ready. It is important to teach your children with the basics like how to float, tread water, and stay by the edge. You also have to make sure they only swim in designated areas. They need to be aware of how deep the water is and for uneven surfaces. If it’s their first time, teach them to never go in the pool unless you are present.
  3. Take extra steps by installing pool fences and alarms. Installing high-quality fences should be a priority for homeowners who have little ones at home. Having fences surrounding the pool can block access to smaller kids and can essentially prevent any accidents. You should also install pool alarms to alert you if someone is around the pool or if something has fallen into the water. They can be considered as your last line of defense.

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