3 Tips On Choosing The Best Swimming Pool Child Safety Fence Installer

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Child Safety Fence for Swimming PoolsOwning a swimming pool provides lots of enjoyment for children. However, it can also be a dangerous place. Drowning is the second leading cause of death for smaller children.  It is often considered as a silent killer since most of the time, while a child is drowning, their parents or adults are actually nearby, unaware of what is going on. Contrary to what we see in movies, there’s usually no splashing or screaming for help. As a precaution, it is crucial that you install a child safety fence for swimming pools.

While adequate adult supervision is a must when your kids are in the pool, installing safety fences for pools is a secondary effective security measure. Fencing for pools can prevent toddlers from accidentally falling into the water. They help mark out the pool area, making children and even adults aware of their position in relation to the pool, and thus helps a lot in decreasing the chances of injuries and preventing accidental drowning. Additionally, pool fences will help prevent your pets that are wandering around from falling into an unsupervised pool.

When searching the market to obtain a fence that will meet your needs, you will be overwhelmed by a variety of options. There are many types to choose from and different companies offering the same service. Lucky enough on Long Island you will find an excellent selection of professionals who can supply and install in-ground or above ground swimming pool fences

To help you choose the right pool fence installer on Long Island, NY, here are 3 quick tips:

  • Choose a company that has built a solid reputation. Find out how many years they have serviced the community. Ask for references. Do your research and ask questions that will help them demonstrate their expertise. Also look at their sales process. Do they immediately require a deposit or are they more focused on doing excellent quality work? Are they able to provide you an onsite visit relatively quickly with an install date that works for you? You can visit BBB’s website and check if there are any complaints against the company. If there are, it is recommended to spend time doing further research to identify if the company has rectified the issue to the satisfaction of their customers. You may also check other review sites.
  • The company should have a selection of pool fences that meets your needs now and into the future. This is important since not all clients have the same pool fence needs. They should be able to offer the best pool protection you need. This means a great coverage regardless of your budget. Their product offerings should be able to satisfy your needs. Many will offer Specials as an incentive to hire them, which is a great benefit. Who cannot benefit from a savings, percent off or free accessories, for example? For their products and installation service, it is recommended to check customer feedback. This includes feedback about the Manufacturer who produces the fences. Understand their quality ratings and how the fences truly stand up when in use.
  • Quality customer service and reliability are two important factors that you also need to consider. Give them a call and observe how they treat you. It is important that you are treated as a valued prospect customer. You should also ask about Warrantees. Do they offer a Real Lifetime Warranty? Will they be around in years to come to serve you if you need help with an upgrade, service or replacement? Look for a company where the Owners are accessible to you and able/willing to get on the phone with you as needed?

Pool safety is crucial for families living with toddlers and smaller children. Installing a safety pool fence is a part of it. Because of the complexity of the installation process, contacting a professional pool fence installer is the best step to take if you want to save time, money, and ensure the safety of your kids.

The above are just some of the ways you can see if you are hiring a quality installer. If you need assistance or have other questions, contact Life Saver Pool Fence at 516-766-5336. We offer FREE consultations. Call us today!