4 Pool Fence Upgrades to Consider for Spring

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Many Long Island families have used and trusted Life Saver Pool Fence in their efforts to provide a safe swimming pool environment for their families. For the past 25 years, we have been the innovators of our industry – bringing to the market new innovative ideas for pool fence customers.

It is our belief that when someone buys a Life Saver Pool Fence that we install, the customer must be satisfied and their pool fence should look great as long as they own it. Here’s a list of four upgrades to consider for this spring.

pool maintenance residentialPool Fence Maintenance: Like any other safety device such as a smoke alarm, for example, it is wise to replace the batteries once a year and test them twice a year, to make sure they function properly. It’s the same thing for a pool safety fence. You need to remove the fence once a year and clean out the sleeves that the poles go into. You can do this by simply using a garden hose with a jet spray attachment and squirt the sediment from the holes. You need to also clean the bottom poles of the fence removing any dirt. Also, make sure all the deck sleeves are completely flush to your pool deck. Now reinstall your pool fence into those clean holes. Once the fence is up latched together, make sure all the latches are secure so that a child can’t get in. If you have a gate you may need to make an adjustment (the directions are on your key). If you feel this is too much for you then give us a call and we can do it for you. The cost is $100.00 for the maintenance. This ensures a proper functioning fence for years to come.

pool fence gate long island nyAdd a Gate to your Fence: Many customers opt out from purchasing the gate and have a Layback section or Manual opening installed. However, as your family grows, you may have an older child now and a toddler. It’s safer in this instance to have a self-closing, self-locking gate. To install it, we may have to cut out a section of the pool fence to accommodate the gate. It’s not that involved but does take some time. The cost for the installation is between $450.00 and $500.00, depending on how many cuts we need to make. A gate is a terrific addition and will make your pool time much safer and enjoyable and should be considered.


omni hanger removable pool fence accessoryAdd Omni Hangers to your Fence: Sometimes when we revisit a customer we notice that they hang things on their fences, like wet towels. This can cause the mesh to sag a little bit. So we invented and designed the world’s first pool fence hanger. The Omni Hanger is a hanger that sits on the top of a fence pole and it’s used to hang stuff such as Towels, Life Jackets, Life Preservers, Toys, and Goggles, and if you use 2 Omni Hangers you can hang Pool Cleaning Nets, Shepherd Hooks, Hoses, Etc. They keep your pool area tidy and add safety because you’ll always have a safety item like a life vest within arm’s reach. The cost of each hanger is $10.00 each.


pool fence solar lightPool Fence Solar Lights: This type of solar lights is another innovative Pool fence accessory designed by Life Saver Pool Fence. We believe that you need to have a constant view of your pool area day or night. The Pool Fence Solar Light slips over the top of any pool fence pole and at 3 lumens each lights up the area surrounding it. You can add 1 on every pole or every other pole. You can also install 1 on each side of your pool fence gate. It doesn’t only adds to the look of your pool but it also gives extra safety so you can constantly see what’s going on in and around your pool at night. At a cost of $5.00 each, you can inexpensively transform the look of your swimming pool.

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