4 Types Of Pool Fence For Safety And Privacy

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types of pool fencingAccidents can happen in a flash. You take your eyes off of a child and lot can happen in an instant. As parents, we are busy, we are multi-tasking and we have a lot on our mind, all while we watch over our children. In fact, at one customer visit, as we explained the benefits of pool safety to a couple on Long Island, a youngster tripped, falling into the pool. It was a very scary moment and quite an inflection point as parents for the young couple. As the owner of Life Saver Pool Fence New York, it reminds me that parents need to “Prioritize.” And they need to seek out safety measures “early and often.”

Now, there are many reasons why you might want to install a pool fence in your Long Island home. There are also local regulations that require homeowners to secure their pool with a safety fence equipped with a self-closing and self-latching gate. We have discussed this in past articles: “Swimming Pool Barrier Safety Requirements” & “Why Install A Self-Closing And Self-Latching Pool Fence Gate?“. In addition to following the law, there are additional reasons:

  • The safety of house guests
  • The safety of domestic animals and pets
  • The safety of other animals, in the wild
  • Privacy concerns

Beyond these practical issues, homeowners  face the challenge of selecting what type of pool safety fence they should install. By the way, remember that if you are in the Hamptons or out East on long Island, some of you will have other bodies of water near your home such as ponds, beaches, canals etc. Outside of New York, in more tropical environments, there is the possible risk of other animals coming on your property from the bodies of water themselves (e.g. reptiles).

If you are new to the market for pool fencing, some of the options you may see are as follows below.

Pool Fence Types

There are different kinds of swimming pool fences based on the type of materials they are made of. Fences can be made of wood, mesh, steel, and glass.

Wooden Fences

If your pool is designed with a nature theme, wooden fences do exist.  However, this type of fence does not last longer compared to glass or steel. You might need to replace them after a certain number of years.

Mesh Pool Fences

If you have smaller children at home, installing a mesh pool fence is recommended and is the best option. They are durable and offer greater protection. Toddlers will not be able to crawl under or climb over unlike with other fence types. We believe strongly in these types of fences and supply a rrange of them at many budget levels that parents can afford.

Steel Fences

If you want to install a pool fence that offers a good amount of privacy, a steel fence is the right option. However, take note that this type of fence would need maintenance as they can become rusty.

Glass Safety Fences

There is also the option of  installing a glass pool fence. However, this type of fence does not provide a good amount of privacy since you can see right through it. They are also expensive, require frequent maintenance, and glass can be dangerous and shatter.

Life Saver’s swimming pool safety fences provides privacy and are strong enough to keep smaller children and pets safe. We advise going with a proper mesh safety pool fence if you live in the Nassau County or Suffolk County area.

If you need help in installing a pool safety fence in your Long Island home, contact us for a Free on-site estimate. Call (516) 766-5336 and ask about our seasonal promotions too.