4 Essential ‘End Of The Season’ Pool Safety Tips For Homes In The Northeast

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Four Essential ‘End Of The Season’ Pool Safety Tips For Homes Summer may be over on Long Island, but that doesn’t mean that pool safety should no longer be a concern. Having a pool, even one that is closed, can still pose a risk to children and other members of your family, including furry pets! Below we’ve included some simple steps you can take, to ensure the safety of everyone living in your home.

  1. Install a pool fence! If you haven’t installed a pool fence yet, now is the time. Your pool should be enclosed by a fence that has a self-closing and self-latching gate with a lock. The fence should be a minimum of 4’ high and have a child safety locking mechanism that is at 54” from the ground.
  2. Check your fence. For those who already have a pool fence, this is a good time to evaluate your fence and ensure it isn’t in need of any repairs. Even a small amount of damage can create a space large enough for a child to fit through. This means verifying the gate latches and locks properly, ensuring there are no missing pieces or gaps in the fence and checking for holes in mesh fences.
  3. Cover your pool properly. If you’ve already covered your pool with a winter cover, ensure that it is securely anchored to the ground, so there is no risk of a child slipping under the pool cover or getting caught in it, should they try to walk on it. The cover you choose should be able to withstand a substantial amount of weight. You should also maintain the cover by cleaning it regularly and removing debris to prevent it from getting weighed down.
  4. Install a pool alarm that will notify you if there is any disturbance in the water. A pool alarm is an excellent backup safety measure, in the event a child manages to bypass a pool fence and pool cover. If you already have a pool alarm, be sure to test the batteries and make sure it is still working properly.

In addition to these steps, it’s important to educate children about the importance of staying away from pools during off season. That includes friends who visit, not just your own children. Whether the pool is in your own backyard or you are renting a house with a pool, it is critical to ensure pool safety happens year round and not just during the summer months.

Life Saver is happy to answer your questions regarding whether your pool is safe and secure for the off-season, winter this year and beyond. Ensure you and your family are safe! We are here for the lifetime of your pool fence, helping you keep it in tip top shape safety wise!

If you need to install new pool fencing, contact us today at (516) 766-5336. While we are in our fall season in New York, there is still plenty of time to have an installation performed.