Learn How To “Winterize” Your Swimming Pool

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Keep Your Pool Clean And Functionable Next Year By Taking The Proper Steps When Closing This Year

How to Winterize your PoolAnother year of swimming pool fun has come to an end and now it’s time to “Winterize” and close your pool for the chilly off-season winter months.  Learn the proper steps to close your swimming pool to ensure you can easily re-open for next year.

Remove Pool Supplies, Accessories, and Clean The Patio

Start by removing your swimming pool supplies and accessories such as skimmers, cleaners, ladders and other tools from the pool and patio area. Hose off any type of dust and algae, let the products completely dry, and store them somewhere safe like a shed or garage where they can be easily found for next season.

Clean Your Pool One Last Time

Before you winterize your swimming pool, make sure you get rid of all the fallen leaves, silt, as well as other particles and debris that floats around the pool or falls from nearby trees. This will make it easier to balance the water chemistry during the months where the cover is installed on top and also prevent mold and algae from growing or accumulating around the sides.

Using a skimmer you can clean the swimming pool’s surface, and with a pool vacuum cleaner you can get rid of all leaves, dirt, and debris from the floor of the pool. Thoroughly brush the pool’s flooring and also sides to get the water and lining as clean as possible.

Take Some Water Out Of The Pool And Drain The Pumps

Before closing the swimming pool, you’ll need to lower the amount of water in your swimming pool. If you have a mesh pool cover, the water level needs to be at least one foot lower than the skimmer.

Then you will need to drain every filter, pump, and heating unit that’s connected to your swimming pool. Filters need to be cleaned thoroughly and stored in a secure area for use in the next season.

Add Chemicals and Shock To Keep Your Pool Water Clean

One of the last final steps before closing the pool is to add chemicals and shock into the water.  This will kill bacteria, algaecide, algae, and other particles growing inside the swimming pool.  It’s important to do this before putting the cover on top of the pool, to ensure the chemicals spread throughout all of the pool’s surface.

Cover Your Swimming Pool With A Quality Cover and The Help From A Local Pool Company

So now it’s time to place the cover on the pool! Learn about our pool cover installation services and how we help homeowners successfully clean and close their swimming pools for the winter months. This includes services such as:

  • Pool “Winterize” Cleaning
  • Pool Cover Installation and Maintenance
  • Pool Cover Removal and Pool Re-Open Services