Does Installing Pool Fences Lower Homeowners Insurance Rates?

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Does Installing Pool Fences Lower Home Insurance RatesIf you live locally on Long Island and have a pool, you may have asked whether or not installing a pool fence can lower your insurance rates. Today we are addressing this question.

Having a pool in your backyard may be fun, but it is important to understand all the costs and responsibilities associated with installing a swimming pool. The presence of a pool can increase a homeowner’s insurance rates (compared to homes that do not have pools) as swimming pools are considered to be “attractive nuisances” to insurance companies. In fact, pools are a homeowner’s liability. Pool owners are liable for any individual who uses it with or without permission.

But will a pool fence lower homeowner’s insurance rates?

A property perimeter fence is mandated at minimum* if you have a pool, and many people have both a perimeter fence and a pool fence installed. Installation of pool fences is a great way to prevent accidental drownings, but it may not have a direct impact on the cost of homeowner’s insurance rates. No additional credit will be given to homeowners for having a pool fence in addition to the perimeter fence. A pool fence is considered as an indirect expense by most insurance companies. However, pool fences may help prevent a homeowner’s liability from increasing since it proactively reduces the risk of accidental drownings (and other accidents).

Most insurance companies require pool owners to comply with their local municipality ordinances. Almost all towns on Long Island require the installation of fences to enclose around swimming pools; however, Life Saver Pool Fence of New York recommends that you to contact your town’s building department for the most accurate swimming pool building regulations. Doing so is the only real way to identify the exact laws that you need to follow. You should also contact your insurance company and collect detailed information to answer your questions.

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* Disclaimer: Please note that the information on this blog is meant for general information purposes only. It is not to be misconstrued as specific advice for the reader about his or her home. To guarantee and fully understand the law and requirements for your home, it is advised that you reach out to your local building department.