Is A Water Bag Pool Cover Safe Enough For My Kids? Winter Pool Safety Alert.

Water Bag Pool CoverNo – the biggest misconception is that Pool Covers are safe for preventing drowning’s. The term pool safety cover only suggest that it is meant to keep the pool safe from leaves and dirt falling into your pool.

A water bag cover is basically a tarp that gets stretched across your pool and is held in place by plastic tubes filled with water. If an adult or a child were to walk on this type of cover it would not be safe and could cause a drowning. Tarp pool covers are only meant to keep debris from entering your pool. If you closed your pool and put a water bag cover on, it is not safe at all. In this instance if you have a pool safety fence it is very important to leave it up all year round. Remember that when your pool is closed the threat of drowning is still there, and all preventable layers of protection should be used.

Having a swimming pool is not just fun it is a huge responsibility to your children and others in your community. It is up to you to take the measures necessary to prevent a drowning. A water bag cover is just like having an opened pool. And this type of cover also will hold water. So when it rains it’s the same as filling up a pool on top of a pool. You might put an automatic pump on this cover to pump out the water, however it will become useless from leaves stopping the suction of the pump.

When it snows a water bag winter cover will be buried in the snow. With snow on pool surfaces, there will be no way of knowing where the pool is, and a child could easily walk onto the cover not knowing it’s under them until they fall in. You might think if it snows then there will be ice underneath it. Maybe there won’t be and if there is it’s probably thin ice. Don’t take the chance it’s not worth it. These covers don’t hold much weight!

Pool safety is year round not just for the summer. Blocking all access to the pool using a pool fence is a huge component of a drowning prevention plan. Water bag pool covers are an inexpensive way to cover your pool, however they are not safe in any way for your kids. “Pool safety doesn’t cost it pays” I know it’s a cliché but in this case it fits perfectly.