Preseason Pool Fence Tips: 5 Pool Safety Checks You Should Make Right Now

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Pool Safety Fence Preseason Maintenance TipsIt is important that all safety devices need to be checked annually to ensure they are working well and performing their proper function. Smoke detector companies recommend that you change the batteries every year and test them bi-annually. Child safety car seats need to be checked to make sure they are fitted properly and secure at all times. A swimming pool safety fence needs to be checked as well.

Preseason maintenance for your removable mesh safety fence needs to be done every year before opening your pool.

5 Pool Safety Fence Preseason Maintenance Tips

Here is a list of some of the things you should be doing:

  1. Are all the pool fence poles properly seated into the sleeves in your pool deck?

Sometimes when your pool service company puts on your winter safety cover they take parts of the fence down but they don’t put it back up properly. The bottom of the mesh safety fence should be sitting directly on top of the pool deck surface. If they are not, all you need to do is to remove the section of fence that is not properly seated. Then using a garden hose with a jet spray attachment, spray the hole in the pool deck and this will force out any dirt and debris from the pool fence deck sleeve. You can also take a wet cloth and wipe off any dirt from the end of the pool fence poles that go into the pool fence deck sleeves. Now put your section of pool fence back up, making sure all poles are fully inserted and then reattach the snap latches.

  1. Check all latch connection points for the entire pool fencing system.

These are the latches that connect one section of the removable pool fence to the other. The pool fence latches should all be connected to each section of the Life Saver Pool Fence. The latches should also be tight enough so a child could not undo them. In most cases, if it’s difficult for an adult then it’s virtually impossible for a toddler. 

  1. Check your self-closing, self-latching pool fence gate for proper function.

Make sure the safety fence gate is fully inserted on both sides into the pool fence deck sleeve holes. Then open the gate and make sure that it self closes. The hinges on the pool safety gate can be adjusted to have the gate close faster or slower using a flat head screw driver on each hinge.

  1. Make sure your pool fence gate automatically latches after each opening.

Sometimes when the safety fence is removed and reinstalled the gate may not latch because a pole shifted causing a misalignment of about 1/8″ – 1/4″. To fix this, all you need to do is get a phillips head screwdriver and find the vertical and horizontal adjustment screws on the pool fence gate latch and latch body. Please see enclosed adjustment instructions.

  1. Make sure your pool fence looks good!

Look over the entire pool safety fence from top to bottom, making sure it is tight and also looks good. All Life Saver Pool Fence customers have a lifetime warranty on the product and the installation. If you have any questions or can’t figure something out, all you need to do is call us. Remember we exist because of customers like you!!