Why Customer Reviews Are So Important To Small Businesses Like Ours

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Customer Reviews Are So Important To Small BusinessesLife Saver Pool Fence has been in business for well over 25 years, proudly serving Long Island, New York. We are the largest and most respected pool fence company in the Northeast. This did not happen by accident. It happened by caring about what we do for our customers and our community. It happened by having the best product available and doing the very best installations, and committing our services to our customers for as long as they own a Life Saver pool fence.

Today, businesses are ranked or rated through customer reviews online. The consumer is much more savvy today and much more informed. This is why they rely so much on other people’s reviews of products and services. Years ago businesses would brag about how great they are through advertising in newspapers, magazines, mailings, radio and T.V. However today, consumers heavily rely on online reviews from people who have actually experienced the product, service and installation from a company whom they have experienced.

In today’s business world, in order to excel in business, a business owner needs to realize that the customer is now in control of how good there product and services are. It is the consumer who now has the control of how well a company does. However getting good reviews takes much more work than getting bad reviews. People are much more inclined to talk about a bad experience than a great one.

Getting a review from a customer for what was promised and what was paid for is more difficult than you think. In order to get a great review the business must give great service, great installation and great product beyond the customer’s expectations. It takes an entire staff of employers and employees to have a great expectations mindset to constantly wow their customers and continue getting great reviews.

I would like to say thank you to all of our Life Saver Pool Fence customers who took the time to write a review for us. It really does help us grow, and means so much to us. Thank You!

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